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Reading List

A number of books and pamphlets are available outlining the history of Regina College. A selection of these publications include:

University of Saskatchewan.
Glimpses of the Last 50 Years.
Regina: University of Saskatchewan, Regina Campus, 1961.

Jean Larmour.
University Women’s Club of Regina: A History.
Regina: University Women’s Club of Regina History Book Committee, 1986.

James M. Pitsula.
An Act of Faith: The Early Years of Regina College.
Regina: Canadian Plains Research Center, 1988.

James M. Pitsula.
As One Who Serves: The Making of the University of Regina.
Montreal & Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2006.

W.A. Riddell.
The First Decade: A History of the University of Saskatchewan, Regina Campus, 1960-1970.
Regina: University of Regina, 1974. (See Chapter I: Regina College, pages 9-27)

Archives and Special Collections maintains a number of other great sources of contemporary published information about Regina College. These are available for use in the Archives and Special Collections reading room and include:

Information Files:
A series of reference files composed of newspaper clippings and other miscellaneous materials such as brochures and publicity materials. Information files exist for buildings, people, programs and events relating to Regina College.

Regina College Calendars:
A full series of academic course calendars from 1911 to 1961.

Other Publications:
Newsletters such as the Regina College News and The Collegian. Student newspapers, yearbooks, and other publications such as the Regina College Register (1914,1922-30); The Red Herring (1935); Tuesday Night (1935); The College Cricket (1935); The Early Bird (1935-36); The Parrot; The College Record (1936-55); The Freshmen (1946-61); and The Sheet (1956-62).

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