The New Library Building

From Archives and Special Collections - 2012-69 Box 1 File 8
Dated 1968

Buildings - Library Building



The new library building of the Regina Campus was designed by Minoru Yamasaki, whose architectural style is well known across North America.

Construction commenced in December, 1965, and the last details were completed early in October, 1967, at a total cost of $4,530,000.

The library will not be able to make use of the whole building initially; and therefore, the University is making use of available space until such time as the growth of the library necessitates take—over of the complete building. General University use of the building is seen in the classrooms on the ground floor and the conversion of the whole of the fourth floor into faculty offices.

The fifth floor has been leased to the Provincial Government and will be occupied by the Saskatchewan Archives Board. The collections of the Archives, relating to the history of Saskatchewan and the old Northwest Territories, include Government records and papers of individuals, businesses and associations. In addition, the Archives has large collections of pamphlets, clippings, maps, photo— graphs and microfilm. The fifth floor will also contain a deposit collection of Government publications from the Legislative Library.

The fourth floor contains 62 offices for faculty and their secretaries.

The third floor contains bookstacks with a capacity of 77,000 volumes. 290 seats are provided for the students using the collection. The materials on the floor include the Languages and Literatures, the Sciences and Fine Arts.

Buildings - Library Building

The second floor contains bookstacks with a capacity of 85,000 volumes and 320 seats for students. There is a typing room on this floor for student use and four group study rooms. The materials on the second floor include Philosophy and Religion, History and other Social Sciences.

At the first floor level there is an entrance from the Podium which gives access by an elevator to the faculty offices on the fourth floor and the Archives collection on the fifth floor.

The ground floor contains the book circulation and control desk, the reference services staff, and the main reference and bibliographical collection. The public catalogue occupies a central position on this floor and indexes all materials in the University library system. The Technical Services departments’ offices are on the south side of the floor. These departments order and catalogue all books, periodicals and other library materials received for the University library system. The classrooms on this floor are reached from a corridor which goes through to the Classroom Building.

To the north of the building a broad stairway from the University perimeter road leads into the Library courtyard with bench seats and an ornamental pool which will contain a sculpture.

Architects and Engineers: Minoru Yamasaki and Associates Associated Resident Architects: Izumi, Arnott and Sugiyama

Structural Engineers: Skilling, Helle, Christiansen, Robertson General Contractor: Poole Construction Limited

Gross Area 134,630 square feet

Produced by University of Regina Archives and Special Collections
Built with Wax.